New OddsJam Brings Competition To New Hampshire Sportsbooks

Written By JR Duren on May 20, 2022 - Last Updated on April 3, 2023
OddsJam new sports betting app New Hampshire

For the past two years, New Hampshire bettors have had the chance to learn everything they need to know about the state’s three sports betting retail locations and the DraftKings online sports betting app.

And just as they’ve settled into their favorite apps and bets, another option has come to the market: OddsJam.

The app, which was developed by Stanford engineers, claims to provide users with an average of 3% profits every day and $3,750 per month. Spread out over the year, those returns could add up fast.

What OddsJam offers

When a bettor opens the DraftKings app, they’re presented with a variety of sports they can bet on and a variety of bets they can make: over-under, moneyline, and prop bets, among others.

The OddsJam experience is different. There are no prop bets or moneylines. Rather, the app approaches the betting market with four different tools for trying to make money: bonus bet conversions, low holds betting, middles, and positive EV.

If you haven’t heard of these terms, don’t worry; they’re likely new for most casual sports bettors. So here’s a breakdown of these terms.

Bonus bet conversions

Much in the same way that credit card users cycle through new credit cards to obtain cash, points, and sign-up miles, OddsJam’s bonus bet conversion tool helps you cash in on sportsbooks bonus bet offers.

The platform runs the numbers on all the bonus bets available to you and formulates a hedging strategy to help you take home some cash.

Low hold bets

The second tool OddsJam offers, low hold bets, works out betting strategies based on bets with low or no “hold” or “vig”. Those terms refer to the house edge on each bet.

In theory, betting on no- or low-hold lines means you can use your bonus credits or bets without having to pay a hold to sportsbooks.

Middle bets

Another option you have is to use the OddsJam middle bets tool. The platform shows you opportunities to win considerable amounts of money by making, for example, opposing bets on a game’s over-under. The goal is that the score hits the perfect middle between your two bets, making both bets a winner.

OddsJam runs more than one million odds per minute to identify these opportunities.

Positive EV bets

The final main tool OddsJam provides is the positive EV betting tool.

These are bets that, according to the company, have a “larger chance of winning than is implied by the sportsbook odds.”

In other words, the platform can tell you when a team’s odds of winning are better than what the sportsbooks are offering. OddsJam says this method of betting isn’t for everyone, but that it is “mathematically guaranteed that you will profit in the long run.”

Arbitrage bets

The arbitrage tool runs the numbers to identify opportunities for you to place two bets on one event. It does this via two sportsbooks so that you win no matter what the outcome is.

While arbitrage and middling bets over some good upside, they aren’t viable in New Hampshire because there is only one sportsbook.

OddsJam cost and analysis

OddsJam offers a seven-day free trial for new users. After that trial, users have to choose between two membership tiers:

  • Standard plan: $82/month
  • Industry plan: $165/month

Both plans offer unlimited bonus bet converter, low-hold, middle, and arbitrage bets with onshore sportsbooks. For an extra $83 a month, the Industry membership gives you unlimited positive EV bets, real-time email alerts, and OddsJam’s Perfect Line odds.

Does OddsJam work?

The old saying that “theres no such thing sure thing” is one to keep in mind with OddsJam’s platform.

While the site guarantees wins over the long run, and the average user earns $3,750 a month, there’s still plenty of cause for concern. First, there’s no way to guarantee wins.

Second, without knowing the number of sportsbooks an average user has access to and how much the average user bets, it’s hard to make any predictions about what the average New Hampshire bettor can earn using OddsJam.

As such, the smart thing to do is to realize there are no guarantees using this platform.

Sign up for the free trial, read and watch the site’s videos about how to use OddsJam betting tools, and make an informed decision that best suits you.

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