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Industry news and updates on NH sports betting and 2020 launch dates
NH Online Sports Betting Guide

Legal sports betting has come to New Hampshire.

Operators and regulators answered Gov. Chris Sununu’s challenge to launch sportsbooks in the Granite State while the New England Patriots were still in the playoffs following the 2019 NFL season. Unfortunately, he didn’t have too many chances to bet.

New Hampshire sports betting launch date

The first sportsbook launched in New Hampshire on December 30, 2019.

DraftKings became the first company to launch sports betting in the Granite State. New Hampshire residents and visitors can now take part in the action on one of the best sportsbooks in the world.

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Which online sportsbooks operate in New Hampshire?

DraftKings crossed the finish line in New Hampshire first, and is the sole operator of online sports wagering in the Granite State.

Apps are available for iPhone / iPad and Android mobile devices. You can download them from the App Store (iOS) or direct from DraftKings.

See our detailed DraftKings New Hampshire review for more.

How to bet online in New Hampshire

Now that NH online sports betting has gone live, Granite State residents have access to sportsbooks in three ways.

DraftKings, along with most operators, has dedicated sports betting apps for both Android and Apple devices.

In addition, the browser versions, i.e., those accessed on your computer via a web browser such as Safari or Chrome, are likely to recognize when certain devices access them, and they will optimize for those formats.

Regardless of the preferred device or format, you will need to register for a proper sports betting account.

This process is simple. A click on a “Join Now” or “Sign Up” button will start the procedure. The sportsbook will ask you to provide specific individual information.

That info will include the following:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number

Most sign-up forms will also have a series of yes/no verifications that you must complete. Also, there may be a space to fill in any bonus codes.

To that end, make sure to check here for sign-up offers before registering for an account at any online sportsbook in New Hampshire.

We often have exclusive offers and deals that can be worth hundreds of dollars. If you sign up without following our link, you stand to miss out on free money and perks.

Some sites may also route new players to the cashier immediately after registration. If that happens, don’t feel pressured to contribute funds if you’re not ready to do so.

Also, similar to signing up, it is crucial to check PlayNH before making that first deposit. We will often have several bonuses available that you won’t find anywhere else.

How deposits and withdrawals work in NH

Unless you are enjoying a bonus bet bonus, the next step to get started with online betting is to make a deposit. This is where the big advantage of regulated online sportsbooks comes in. You get to choose from a number of popular payment options — with no need to use crypto or expensive gift cards like you do with the offshore sites.

There are four main categories of payment methods: cards, bank transfers, electronic wallets and cash. Within each you will have several options. Here are the most popular ways to get your money on board:

  • Credit Cards/Debit Cards: Your regular cards are the fastest and simplest way to fund your betting account. Visa and MasterCard are almost always accepted; some books will also welcome Amex and/or Discover.
  • eCheck Transfers: Also known as ACH transfers, this is a local bank transfer method that has largely replaced paper checks. If you get pre-verified, these transfers speed up (from three days to instant).
  • Bill Pay: Some sportsbooks work with major banks to allow you to fund your betting account in the same way you’d pay a utility bill.
  • Bank Wire/Money Order: Two legacy banking methods that are slower and more expensive than those above. These are still useful for transferring larger amounts securely.
  • Electronic Wallets: PayPal, Skrill and Neteller offer online wallet accounts. These keep your bank and the betting sites separate. You can use them to hold your betting bankroll, keeping it where you can quickly move it to take advantage of promotions or bonuses.
  • Cash: You will be able to deposit at retail sportsbooks that are partnered with online brands. Alternatives include payments at convenience stores — for example using PayNearMe.
  • Prepaid Cards: Many big sportsbook brands have their own branded prepaid debit cards. These are another way to keep your bank and the betting sites separated. You can load these cards from your bank, then use them to make deposits.

When you make a withdrawal, New Hampshire sportsbooks will ask you to use the same method you deposited with whenever possible. This prevents fraud and money laundering. This is not always possible, and so other withdrawal methods are possible too. Here is a list:

  • Cards: You’ll need to refund your deposit amount to the card you used where this is possible.
  • Prepaid Debit Cards: Branded cards allow you to withdraw. You can then use the balance to spend in stores, just like your regular card.
  • Electronic Wallets: PayPal, Skrill and Neteller all accept withdrawals.
  • ACH/e-Checks: Local bank transfers take your winnings directly to your bank account.
  • Paper Check: If no other method works for you, the sportsbooks will send you a paper check.

Betting only within New Hampshire state lines: Geolocation

Betting in New Hampshire is only legal within state lines. This is strictly enforced by the apps and websites — with geolocation technology a tried and tested solution. If you are using your phone, then you will need to enable location services in the apps. Desktop users’ location is detected by triangulating IP address information with Wi-Fi data.

You will not be able to place bets via a VPN or proxy server from outside of New Hampshire. These are easily detected by the books — and any doubt about your real location will mean no bets are possible.

How to use the New Hampshire online sports betting apps

For many bettors, the legal NH betting apps will be their first experience with online betting. While each app has a distinctive design and its own navigation, they share a common core layout. The list of sports, finding individual bets for each match, and organizing your betting slip is largely the same.

If you are using a bigger screen via the desktop sportsbooks, all three main areas listed below will appear at once. For the mobile apps, these are hidden until needed, saving screen real estate.

Here are the areas, from left to right:

  • On the left you’ll usually find the list of sports. At the top will be the pro leagues currently in season, plus any big events in soccer, boxing or golf. You will also find a link to live (in-play) betting here. Some books list all the sports by default, while others stick to the most popular, with a separate A-Z. You might also find this list as a row of ball icons.
  • When you select a sport, the middle of your screen will list the upcoming matches. For the pro leagues, you’ll find your match here. If you want to search the minor leagues, or bet on college action, then filters/tabs will help you narrow the list. There can be a lot of options for some sports, in which case searching for your team name is faster. You will see the money line, spread and totals bets — with a link to more bets to show props, period bets and futures.
  • When you click on the betting lines, your bet slip will be populated. To place your bet, you’ll need to access this (on the left for desktops, bottom of your screen on mobile apps). You can now organize bets into multiples or bet on single matches by setting the bet amount and confirming. If you’d like to remove a bet, simply press the “X.”

There are separate sections on the apps for the cashier, account info, betting history, promotions and bonuses, support, FAQs and responsible gaming.

What bets can you place at New Hampshire online sportsbooks?

If you have been a regular visitor to Las Vegas sportsbooks, you might already know all the different single match, multiple and prop bets available at online books. For the rest of us, you’ll find a quick guide below.

Keep in mind that these are the bet types that cover most sports. Individual sports have props and special bets that are specific to them — for example the “puck-line” in hockey or “grand salami” for baseball.

First, the regular single-match bets:

  • Totals: This bet is also known as “under/over” betting. The sportsbooks come up with a combined total of goals or points for both teams. You then bet that the result will be higher or lower, getting -110 on each side.
  • Money Line: A basic win bet where each team is given odds. The format is to base these on a $100 bet (you can bet any amount). Positive lines show the return per $100 wagered, negative lines (for the favorite) show the amount you’d need to bet to win $100.
  • Spread: Here the books will give the underdog in a match some extra points, for example +4.5. If you back the underdog, your bet wins if the underdog’s total + the spread would have let it win. If you back the favorite, it has to beat the underdog by a score greater than the spread. Again, books give both teams odds of -110.

You can also combine bets into multiples. This is a popular way to give yourself a big payout from a small stake:

  • Parlays: This is the most popular multi-team bet. You combine 2+ matches onto a single slip. To win, all the teams you list need to come through. If one team loses, your parlay is finished. If you list a lot of teams and they all win, you could be looking at a big prize.
  • Teasers: You might also find this bet called “alternative spreads.” Here you get a wider spread than you would on a single match, giving you a better chance of lining up several wins on the same slip. This is balanced by the payout being smaller.
  • Round Robins: Here bets are “boxed,” meaning you select several teams to play against one another. The advantage is that one team losing does not finish the entire bet. The big prizes will still come when all teams win, triggering all the possible combinations.

There are plenty more ways to bet; this final section lists nonstandard ways to place wagers:

  • Proposition Bets: A bet on the outcome of anything except for the match. This can be player performances, or even entertaining side bets like the length of the national anthem at the Super Bowl.
  • Period Bets: You can bet on quarters, halves or whether there will be a goal within the last five minutes (among many others) at online sportsbooks.
  • Futures Bets: Season-long wagers can be on a team to win the conference, or to go all the way to win the Stanley Cup, Super Bowl or World Series. Props can also be season-long, for example on the player of the year or top division scorer.
  • Live Betting: This format allows you to bet after a match starts. Odds feeds update the lines in real time, allowing you to bet via your mobile phone while enjoying the match.
  • Cash Out Betting: This innovation lets you surrender a bet early. You put in a request and are instantly offered a price, which you then accept or reject.

Betting on New Hampshire sports

While New Hampshire lacks pro league teams, there are no shortage of teams in the region to wager on. New England is Patriots territory, and their games will attract a ton of betting action.

Massachusetts (and especially the Boston metro) has many more pro teams to bet on. Teams include the Boston Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics.

New Hampshire does have college teams, although you won’t be able to bet on matches involving those that take place in the state.

New Hampshire sportsbook locations and updates

Five cities in New Hampshire initially voted to host sports betting.

While the exact locations for these sportsbooks remain unclear, residents in and around these cities can prepare to have sports betting somewhere nearby.

The five cities that have approved sports betting are:

  • Berlin
  • Claremont
  • Laconia
  • Manchester
  • Somersworth

New Hampshire’s law first allowed for up to 10 retail sportsbooks in the state. However, this was revised with legislation passed in 2021, which removed that limit.

New Hampshire Sports Betting FAQ

House Bill 480 was signed in July of 2019. This set up a licensing framework for both online and retail sports betting. In January 2020, following a bidding process, the licenses were awarded. Additional votes at the local level were held for retail sportsbook locations.

Anyone 18 or over can bet online or in person in New Hampshire. There is no requirement to be a resident (visitors can bet too), although you do need to be inside state lines to place a wager.

Yes, NH online sportsbooks will be primarily app-based, with desktop (browser) sites in addition. You can download apps for both iPhone and Android devices. Apps for Apple devices are available from the App Store. You’ll need to download Android apps from the sportsbook brands, as these won’t appear in the Google Play store for legal reasons.

Regulated New Hampshire sports betting sites are extremely safe. All sportsbooks will be under the jurisdiction of the New Hampshire Lottery, which means (unlike with offshore sites), you have a body to complain to should anything go wrong.

Yes. Daily fantasy sports contests were legal in New Hampshire before the current sports betting legislation was proposed. Alongside DFS contests, DraftKings will offer online sports betting in New Hampshire.

You can bet only on college sports where the match does not involve a team from New Hampshire.

No. Both state and federal law prohibit interstate sports betting. Every New Hampshire sportsbook will have software to verify player locations at all times.

They face fines and sanctions if they do not police this practice rigidly. In most places, the software is more likely to prohibit people from playing while they’re rightfully inside state lines than it is to allow someone from out of state to play.

Yes. It is possible to sign up for a New Hampshire sportsbook account from out of state. It is also possible to deposit into that account from beyond state lines.

Contact the Division of Sports Wagering at the New Hampshire Lottery. The NH Lottery is the oversight body of all sports betting in the state and can help players find a resolution to problems with licensees.

The New Hampshire Lottery’s contact information is as follows:

New Hampshire Lottery Commission

14 Integra Drive

Concord, NH 03301



  • In-State: 800-852-3324
  • Out-of-State: 603-271-3391
  • Subscriptions: 603-271-2825
  • Fax: 603-271-1160
  • TDD Access Number*: 800-735-2964
  • iLottery Customer Support: 866-204-6954