New Hampshire Sports Betting Wagers Surpass $1 Billion In Two Years

Written By Veronica Sparks on January 29, 2022
New Hampshire Sports Betting In Action

Legal sports betting in New Hampshire launched on December 30, 2019. In two years, over 23 wagers have been placed with more than $1 billion being bet, according to the NH Lottery and DraftKings.

New Hampshire has a 6-year contract with DraftKings to operate sports betting in the state. According to the contract, the state receives half of all wagering revenue after winnings are paid out.

Since its inception, NH sports betting has earned the state $30 million in revenue which has been put toward education funding in New Hampshire. The state’s Lottery proceeds also go toward education.

Biggest New Hampshire sports betting revenue drivers in 2021

Among all of the sporting events and games bet on in 2021, a few stuck out as top revenue earners for the state.  For example, the NCAA Division Men’s College Basketball Tournament in early spring of 2021 brought in wagers totaling a whopping $15.1 million.

The Super Bowl in 2021, as expected, earned the highest number of wagers of any single game of the year. $7.1 million in bets were placed on the Super Bowl alone.

Sports that brought in the most bets in New Hampshire overall in 2021 were:

  • National Football League (NFL)
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • College level basketball
  • College level football
  • Table tennis

The New Hampshire Lottery and DraftKings say the New England Patriots are the state’s most wagered-on team in sports betting.

State leaders are hopeful for continued NH sports betting success

Governor Chris Sununu is particularly supportive of the state’s efforts to bring sports betting to New Hampshire residents.

“I’m proud that the system we have designed,” he said. “Has enabled the Granite State to become the premier destination for sports betting in New England.”

The governor even says he plans to place his own sports bet on his hometown team, the New England Patriots, in the upcoming playoffs.

Sports betting continues to expand in New Hampshire

Place sports wagers in New Hampshire online on the DraftKings Sportsbook app! Or you can place them in person at one of DraftKing’s three locations:

  • The Brook in Seabrook, taking sports bets since August 2020
  • Filotimo Casino & Restaurant in Manchester, taking sports bets since September 2020
  • Filotimo Casino & Restaurant in Dover, the newest sports betting location which opened in October 2021

What patrons can expect at the new DraftKings Sportsbook in Dover

The Dover location has the atmosphere of a traditional sports bar, and offers food and beverages to its patrons. It has several betting kiosks as well as 11 total televisions showing various sporting events and odds.

The newest Filotimo sports betting location in Dover is said to provide “a premier skin-in-the-game viewership experience in the live free or die state,” according to DraftKings Senior Director of Retail Sportsbooks, Michael Kibort.

Other events and activities will be also available at the new sportsbook. Offerings like bingo, bowling, arcade games, and charitable gaming will be available to patrons.

New Hampshire Lottery’s Executive Director, Charlie McIntyre, is hopeful when it comes to the addition of the Filotimo in Dover. He believes it may add an edge to the New Hampshire sports betting scene.

“The new DraftKings Sportsbook at Filotimo in Dover will further cement New Hampshire as the premier sports betting destination in the northeast,” he said. “And we know this location will continue to make a major positive impact on our ongoing efforts to maximize revenue for our schools here in New Hampshire.”

McIntyre has praised the success of the state’s sports betting efforts overall. He is also rather confident in New Hampshire’s relationship with its partners.

“Sports betting has been a success in New Hampshire since launching nearly two years ago,” he said. “And we are pleased to continue working with DraftKings and Filotimo Casino & Restaurant to expand sports betting opportunities for our players.”

The future of sports betting in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Lottery reported how much players are enjoying NH sports betting in an anniversary tweet on January 12:

Happy anniversary, sports betting! Wow, it’s been two years since sports betting launched in N.H. through DraftKings, and our players love it — more than $1 billion wagered and over $30 million raised for education! Bet with DraftKings Sportsbook today at

Only time will tell where sports betting will take the state of New Hampshire, but McIntyre is optimistic. He points to the past two years of sports betting data as a positive glance into the future.

“Our sports betting sales figures speak for themselves and it goes to show just how perfect a fit sports betting is for our market, he said. “We are extremely well-positioned to continue maximizing sports betting as a major revenue generator for New Hampshire schools for years and years to come.”

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